Fluorescent Color Paints

  • Fluorescent: white, yellow, purple, blue pink & orange

  • Metallic: gold, brass, copper & silver
  • Sold only to canvas customers (exemptions may apply)


  • NEW - 16''x20'' Floating Frames 

    • $11 and $9 for canvas customers

    • Black, white and vintage gold

  • NEW - 10''x30'' Floating Frames 

    • $12.50 and $10 for canvas customers

    • Black, white and vintage gold

Frankie's Blankie Blanket Yarn

  • 12 color variations 

  • Packages of 300 grams

  • $7 each and $6 to our 16''x20'' canvas customers

12''x16'' Paintable Wooden Tray

  • $7 each and $6 to our 16''x20'' canvas customers

16''x20'' Magnetic Canvas Roll

  • After painting, attach the canvas to the wooden bars with embedded magnets. It's fun, easy to hang, and great for on the go!

9''x12'' Watercolor Paper

  • 220 grams

  • Smooth texture

  • Call for pricing

16"x20" Paintable Canvas Bag


  • $6.45 and $5.45 for 16"x20" canvas customers

  • With a compartment for a bottle of wine or two, plus keys and a wallet


  • Three dimensional puzzle that unleashes creativity and sparks imagination as you construct and color it

  • 100% Recycled Paper

  • Flat-packed in a box

  • Includes a set of markers


why pay more?

Available NOW in Stock


New Table Top Easels

Wooden Table Top Easels

16''  $3/ piece

 20'' $3.25/ piece

Heavy Duty Table Top Metal Easel (call for price)

Full-size Easels

Prints on Canvas & Stretching

Available on every size up to 60x72 

Print your photos of family, pets, graduation and everything you have in mind on a stretched canvas in affordable prices

Wood Cuts

$7/ piece

$5/ piece for our canvas customers

(only available for canvas customers at this time) 

9''x12'' Oval Cut

11'' Round Cut

11''x14'' Rectangle Cut

Gesso Boards

16''x20'', 1 1/2'' profile

Call for pricing

Black Canvas

16"x20" $2.50 and $2.25 for our canvas customers

Mesh Canvas

16"x20" $2.50 and $2.25 for our canvas customers

Studio Canvas

10"x10" $1.10

9"x12"   $1.20

10"x20" $1.70

24"x36" $5.25

NEW! Oval Canvas 9''x12'' $2.50


Paintable Canvas Tote

13.5" x 13.5" x 3.5" $2.75

Wood Boards

16"x20" $12.75 or $9.75 for our canvas customers

10''x30'' $13.75 or $10.75 for our canvas customers

"Staggered" $12.75 or $9.75 for canvas customers

Custom sizes available




Tempra Paint Sticks

12 Colors 

Stands for the Wood Cuts

Professional Grade Canvas with 16oz Belgian Smooth Linen 

16oz Clear Gesso

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